Selesai menonton balapan Valencia, daripada kecewa saya malah merasa lega. Akhirnya selesai juga gelaran motogp 2015. Setelah Vale dapat penalti dan harus start paling belakang harapan untuk juara dunia hilang. Dipikir seperti apapun susah untuk Vale bisa jadi juara dunia bila start dari posisi ke-26. Makanya saya menonton Valencia tanpa harapan Juara Dunia bagi Vale tapi lebih penasaran sama 2 hal : (1) finish ke urutan berapa Vale dan (2) apa yang akan Marq lakukan?!

Dan apa yang Vale lakukan di Valencia kemarin sungguh luar biasa. Masih terbayang-bayang ketika Vale start dengan melejit dan dengan agresifnya melewati rider-rider lainnya, paling saya suka pas dia overtake rider Suzuki (aleix?!).  Banyak yang bilang, Vale udah pernah start dari belakang dia pasti bisa nyodok ke depan. Tapi mereka lupa, dulu rider yang balapan tidak sampai 26 pembalap. Dan pernahkah Vale dulu di situasi seperti kemarin? Dapat penalti, start dari posisi belakang, kehilangan kesempatan menjadi juara dunia dan merasa dicurangi? Walaupun begitu dia tidak berhenti berjuang dan berhasil finish di posisi ke-4. Apa yang dilakukannya kemarin membuat saya semakin respek dan mengidolakannya.

Di depan paddocknya sudah banyak orang yang menunggu untuk menyambut Vale, terharu melihatnya. Apalagi pas Vale dipeluk Uccio, jadi sedih :(



I support Vale! Forza Vale!!!

See you on fire in 2016

vale knows motogp so damn well


This became a reality. Lorenzo lost in motegi, his favorite track. Vale lost in Misano, his favorit track. Then come Marq & Iannone. The calculation became a mess.


his comment before philip island.


Vale comment after Australian GP Qualification. And this is always what Sunday race look like. He predict it so damn well


This is from July 8th. Look at Philip Island and what happened in Sepang press conf


Press Conference Sepang Motogp 2015

The most interesting press conference in 2015. I’m confused with Vale. Has finished reading David Emmet article and I think that is the most logic explanation about what happened in press conf.

Out of the blue Vale accused Marq in Sepang press conference for helping Lorenzo in Philip Island. After race in Philip Island, Vale did mention that Marq strangely slowed down in some lap but then he said he only will focus for the last 2 remaining race. I though case closed. But according to what Vale said, he rewatched the race and check lap time chart and convinced that marq did help Lorenzo, no maybe I should write that Marq made Vale to not gain more point.

Do I believe on what Vale said? I don’t know, even after read Emmet article I still not 100% sure what the meaning of Vale action.

Lap time chart maybe showed that Marq slowed down in some lap but it can’t show the cause of it. He slowed down?! Yes. Did he intentionally do that? I don’t know. Did rear tire overheating the cause of that? I don’t know.

ciimw, but I think this is the first time vale said something so frontal like that in this season. It’s so unlike him, it make me confused. Why now?! Did the pressure crack him out like Emmet said? Nobody know so well than Vale about this kind of games. I am sure he know the aftermath of his action. But why he still launch the attack?!

I can only think of 2 possibility.

If it’s because of the pressure, I hope someone will talk to him after the press conf and can make him calm & relax. So it won’t effect him in the race. I’m his fan, I want him to win. I want him to stay focus for Sunday.

But what if Vale plan something behind his action, some die hard fans called it his tactic, psywar. If it’s true, what is the purpose?! Why attack Marq when the one who he need to beat is Lorenzo?! I can only think that he did it to cast out other rider, leave him and Lorenzo alone. I remember after Misano the topic of rider help other rider came out first. Lorenzo asking Honda rider to help him, and Vale fans talk about Italian rider who will help Vale. He didn’t want that scenario happened. ‘This is the battle between me and Lorenzo, we don’t need other help. Let us fight each other fair and squre”, maybe something like that.

I’m pretty sure we can’t 100% sure whether Vale accused is true or false. You can believe that this is Vale’s psywar or you can believe that this is Vale being nonsense. But, what it’s the truth?!

Personally, I don’t care if it’s psywar or not. The most important thing is the result of Sunday race. If he lost point again from Lorenzo most likely it will be game over, the pressure will be more huge on Vale. I can’t imagine how Vale & Lorenzo feel, I’m only watching it on TV but it make me so f***ing nervous. My the best man win. Hope the best man who win is Vale.



L’ArCasino 2015

Let’s talk about L’ArCasino
(I attended a live viewing yesterday \(^0^)/)

It’s their first live concert after a year. Their previous concert, Live 2014 is beyond awesome (remember the whale and the lightstick effect). I wonder how this concert is gonna be. They will not use the same effect, right?! And of course they will make it better. They never failed doing that.

So, how they make L’ArCasino better then Live 2014?!

First, the venue is outdoor in Yamenashi Island. They are the first band to hold a concert there. It’s become a special concert both for the band and the fans. There, they not only build a stage. There are a food stand like L’ArCafe and L’ArBar and a game like merry go round, troumplon and more. And also A Casino. It’s like an amusing park. They plan it so well. There are a trash station to make the place clean and a place for fans to rest while waiting for gate opened.

Second, The Stage is big and detailly decorated so awesome. They started the construction 10 days before the concert (according to Oishi-sacho Instagram) using a hight crane. We can tell how much effort they give to make that stage. They decorated the stage with a casino stuff. It become a kind of stage that only can you see in L’ArCasino. And that casino decoration can be moved. And there are a long, a very long runway in the center. I guess it’s the first time they have a runway like that, maybe to make it different than their Grand Cross Tour stage. And L’ArCasino have the best sub stage ever. The set up the car as their sub stage in the end of runway. It has a different aura compare to all their previous sub stage.

Third, The setlist. I love the setlist so much especially the first day. Funny, when I saw a glimpse of the stage from instagram before the race day I thought it will be fun if they sing Link in the beginning. And it became true, ahaha.. I’m satisfied with the setlist because they sang ROUTE 666, Wind of Gold (hooray!!), Alone en la vida and trust. They rarely play it. On the second day the setlist a bit different, there are it’s the end, lies and truth and pieces (kyaaa…). I always amazed with their ability to make a great setlist.

Forth, the effect. that rainbow bridge is so amazing. How they do that?! It’s projection mapping maybe?! And tthe firework is awesome too.

The 1st part of the concert felt so so to me, I even though why the concert is like this. But the 2nd part is awesome, it swept away my dissatisfied feeling completely. I don’t know but I felt a different feeling between 1st part and 2nd part. Ah but I love their new song, feel so fresh to me.

But L’ArCasino is a bit antiklimax. I thought they will be announce about their future activity, like ‘next year we will be active, wait for us’ something like that. But they just announce a new single that will be release in December. That’s it. At least we can see them again in December with their promotion activity, right?!


stage under construction


venue concert


stage construction is under way


such a long crane




stage in the night




rainbow bridge


the stage




money use to play at the casino


full setlist


Rossi vs Lorenzo

Motogp menyisakan 6 balapan dan Rossi masih memimpin klasemen sementara dengan selisih point 12 dari team matenya Lorenzo.

Sepertinya Juara Dunia akan ditentunkan sampai seri terakhir di Valencia. Siapa yang akan berakhir menjadi Juara Dunia Motogp 2015?! Bagi Rossi tahun ini mungkin kesempatan terakhirnya berebut gelar juara dunia. Konsistensinya tahun ini sungguh luar biasa. Tapi Lorenzo juga tidak ingin kalah lagi dari Rossi. Sulit diprediksi bagaimana hasil akhirnya. Jika kita lihat tahun kemarin, Rossi dan Lorenzo mendapatkan point yang sama di 6 seri terakhir. Jika tahun ini terulang kembali, maka Rossi bisa menang dengan selisih 12 point atau bisa saja Lorenzo membalikkan keadaan dan mendapatkan gelar juara dunia.


Silverstone 2015



Rossi menulis dibukunya,  untuk menjadi juara dibutuhkan 3 hal. Motor  yang kompetitif, skill diatas rata-rata dan keberuntungan. Di Silverstone Rossi mempunyai ketiganya sehingga dia bisa finish sebagai juara. Banyak yang nyinyir sama Rossi, bilang kalau dia menang kemarin karena keberuntungan aja. Padahal keberuntungan saja tidak akan membawa kemenangan.

Sudah banyak artikel yang menulis soal ini. Cek aja di atau Intinya, Rossi menang bukan karena keberuntungan saja. Berapa rider yang kemarin jatuh?! Di kondisi seperti kemarin, hujan lebat dan banyak air di lintasan, setiap orang bisa jatuh kapan saja. Apalagi sepanjang balapan Marq nempel terus di belakang Rossi. Hati sungguh tidak tenang. Bagaimana kalau mereka pepetan lagi trus jatuh?! Nooo!! Pas Marq jatuh saya teriak senang. Tapi tidak berapa lama Danilo mendekat, gap terus dipangkas. Lap terakhir serasa lama banget. Komentatornya juga menyebalkan, tinggal setengah lap lagi tapi mereka udah teriak-teriak, VALENTINO ROSSI, VALENTINO ROSSI. Saya malah teriak-teriak, MANA FINISH LINE?? FINISH LINE!!. Adik saya yang ikut nonton bilang udahlah Rossi pasti menang. Saya bilang kalau dia udah melewati garis finish baru dia menang. Saya serem lihat hujannya, bisa aja dia tiba-tiba jatuh. Senang luar biasa begitu dia melewati garis finish.

Dengan kemenangan ini Rossi kembali memimpin klasemen sementara dengan selisih 12 point dari Lorenzo. Tersisa 6 balapan lagi. Will his dream come true?