Rainy Night

It’s raining now. That’s why I don’t want to sleep. It’s always like that. I always thought “ah it’s such a waste if I sleep while the rain pouring out like this” So I’ll end up listening to it,  I  mean the sound of rain. It’s so peaceful, warm like being warped up.  Make me calm. That feel, that kind of mood I love it so much 😆😙😙


I said I’m used to it but it doesn’t mean that I’m not upset about it. 


when I feel upset then I remember that it’s pointless, it just waste my energy. It’s happened so often since I can start remember. So just accept it.  

Instead think about the good side of it or think about something else that make me happy. 

Setting Email di Microsoft Outlook

Melakukan setting email client sebenarnya gampang. Tapi mungkin karena saya baru pertama kali, butuh dua kali percobaan sampai bisa berhasil.

Saya menggunakan domain sekolah dari idwebhost. Di blognya idwebhost sudah ada tutorial lengkap setting email client dengan menggunakan microsoft outlook. Tapi karena di laptop tidak diinstall microsoft outlook saya menggunakan thunderbird, sama saja kan. Hanya saja gagal, tidak bisa konek ke SMTP server. Saya pun meminta bantuan ke cs idwebhost. Tapi d respon lama dan tidak terlalu membantu. Akhirnya saya menyerah menggunakan thunderbird, nanti dicoba lagi.

Percobaan kedua saya menggunakan microsoft outlook di laptop adik dan mengikuti tutorial dari idwebhost. Namun masih error yang sama, tidak bisa konek ke SMTP email server.


Karena ga tahu harus gimana, saya pun menghubungi cs idwebhost lagi. Karena kalau dijelaskan akan panjang saya langsung kasih screenshot settingan yang saya masukan di microsoft outlook dan errornya. Untung kali ini cs nya lebih baik. Setelah mencoba beberapa kali settingan dengan bantuan cs akhirnya masih error juga emailnya. Sudah mulai hopeless, cs nya ngasih link ini :

Daftar Setting SMTP dan POP3 ISP Indonesia

Cs nya bilang kalau error seperti itu artinya server SMTP nya di blokir sama ISP. Saya disuruh ganti alamat server SMTP nya sesuai dengan ISP yang dipakai. Dan ternyata berhasil!! Saya pikir errornya itu karena ada kesalahan di settingan SMTP, ternyata sudah benar settingan yang saya masukan tapi diblokir sama ISP nya. Setting email client pun berhasil di percobaan kedua yang tidak sampai sejam ini, haha…

k-drama that I drop …

1). Yongpal

I dropped this drama after 5 episode. The story become weird and make me lost interest. At first I watch it because of the story similar to Royal Pains, that’s what I though when I read the summary. But it turn out that is not the same, the actor is not my favorite too.

2). Remember

This drama is one of the k-drama that I anticipated in 2016. The story seems promising and it was offered to Lee Jong Suk but rejected. It kinda similar to Pinnocchio, I guess that’s the reason he rejected it. As far as remember this is the first time I feel so frustrated watching k-drama. I enjoy it until 4 episode but still watch  it until 10/11 episode hope the story will get better, but I was wrong. So I stop. I’m so glad Lee Jong Suk rejected it. If not, I have to force myself to watch it till the end. I watch k-drama to entertain me, but I don’t get it from this drama.

3). Descendants of The Sun

I can’t believe I drop this drama. It’s the most popular k-drama right now. I guess KES story is not my taste. This is the most anticipated drama of the year and it become very popular. First I watch it for Song Joong Ki and Onew. Okay just watch it for the two handsome men and don’t take the story seriously. That’s what I thought. But I can’t bring myself to watch it,  seriously the story is so cheesy and frustrating. 

Because my playlist currently dominated by K-pop, I mean shinee, so I want to try this…

  1. DBSK, don’t remember the title
  2. Shinee
  3. Taemin
  4. Key
  5. hmm.. maybe View
  6. none
  7. shinee
  8. none
  9. View, Evil
  10. don’t remember
  11. Kill Me Heal Me
  12. currently watching : Remember
  13. Since shinee’s album Odd release

With Love, Neo Universe

Neo Universe

Build it up higher than the heavens
Above the constellation’s tilting scales

Morning will come brilliantly
Even to an innocent angel who can’t fly

Don’t let go of my hand
Feel this world as it awakens

Nearly cracked, but still transparent
We waited yesterday without sleeping

The miracles we dreamed of won’t come true now
But the distant sky beckons

You are gentle like the wind
Free like a bird
Flying over this world
Without fear, neo universe

Though it’s a tragedy
I’m glad I met you

Entrust each other with the despair that bows our backs
I want to believe, forever

You smile like a beautiful flower
Shining like the stars
Flying over this world
Without fear, neo universe

This is the season of rebirth
A bittersweet season
Let’s join together as one
Like the sky, neo universe

credit to Megchan